Yes, we live on a boat…      NEW!

Jack is good at engine breakdowns. He knows what goes on inside them and can solve their problems. But he can’t stop his marriage slowly breaking down, and when long hours coincide with Helen’s bombshell, he can’t solve his mental breakdown either.

It takes the efforts of his sons and a discovered oasis of peace in the middle of Birmingham to give him hope. The solution is a different life path, one taken with just his two young sons and a new home. A floating home.

Set on England’s canals and centered on a port in Birmingham, Yes, we live on a boat explores love, canals, boats, a murky world of extremists and that thing called hope that illuminates lives. Even temporarily broken down lives.

Loft Island

A young storm survivor is saved by neighbours; a man and a son who naturally offer her a home. The two youngsters, already childhood friends, are flung together. Their friendship develops slowly, innocently into something more, with neither girl nor boy realising. The family gradually reaches a kind of stability afer the inquest and funerals, and after the attentions of 1950s officialdom. But an outside interference tears them apart.  
The story, tragic, surprising, uplifting, emotional and shocking, explores the differing attitudes of adults and authorities to the family . Particularly the book is the story of a family of ordinary, decent people facing extraordinary circumstances.

Loft Island is set around a version of the Salcombe (Devon) estuary in 1954-58.

The Island and the Town

Stephen’s friend Martin wonders why he has heard nothing from Bronwen whom he met on Loft Island the preovious Christmas. His visit to Chepstow where she lives starts a chain of events that disturbs life there, in Loft Island and in the mainland home of a solicitor. Then Martin’s father is found dead, and a home is needed for his two younger brothers as well. It is a mark of the times, the 1950s, that this is the easiest and least traumatic problem they all face.

For the Loft family, at last, compensation for the losses suffered in the flood that started Loft Island is made. Plans for their joint futures are made, both to do with the farm and with those living in Salcombe itself.
The Island and the Town is the sequel to Loft Island.

Change at Tide Mills

Bishopstone Tide Mills is still a fully built, working mill with its cottages occupied. A family, intrigued by its possibilites, persuades a large London mill to take over the failing business and revitalise it.

A fifty year old story of lost love, a loveless marriage and child cruelty brings a retired Captain back to confront his past and discover a future. Friendships amongst adults and youngsters develop. A girl undergoes surgery and endures a long recovery, introducing a suprising new friend. Sussex places, customs and history play their part.

The ruins of Tide Mills are still open to explore between Newhaven and Seaford, Sussex. Change at Tide Mills takes place in 1963.

The Suspects

A story of ordinary lads in extraordinary situations. It’s the summer holidays and you and five mates visit a large, overgrown and very private estate and find a perfect place for an illicit camp.  Two days later you meet a dog, whose owner chucks you out.

In your home town a gang of unpleasant paedophiles finds you and you all have to make yourselves scarce, to hide.  So you return to the estate and lay low. But then the dog comes to you.  His owner needs help and you save his life.

One late night, later in the week, two of the gang track you down. By some guile and a lot of luck you overpower them. That starts a series of Interesting Times during which you discover hidden strengths, abilities, self reliance, and perhaps wisdom. And a girfriend.