Richard Harbroe Wright...


… is a fledgling author, trained by school, Southdown Motor Services, Scouting, Cedar Travel, Hurstpierpoint College and the University of Life. At other times he is husband to Judy, grandad to Jack and Ollie, a church bellringer, NCI watchkeeper, Bluebell Railway guard, SAS* member, canal boat sharer, inaccurate DIY carpenter, slightly more accurate DIY electrician and whenever possible a bloody nuisance.

The “Harbroe” was added to his published name for two reasons. It’s his middle name, traceable back to a Dorking family business in Victorian times; and it distinguishes him from other authors, a footballer and a lead guitarist, all of whom are far more famous.

He can be contacted by comment on one of his posts or at richard at (think about it!). If you have one of his books – hint, hint – there are clues there too , and more on the remainder of this website.

* Scouting Active Support. Don’t get excited.