Loft Island

“This is an excellent, absorbing, and thought provoking YA adventure book written by a local author. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I’m 74. I very much look forward to the sequel. I recommend Loft Island for all youthful and adult readers.”
DSW, Newhaven


Change at Tide Mills

“Possibly it helps if you happen to be the same age as the main character and have known the setting all your life. The tale is an imaginative “what if”, the assumption that an old village (and its chief industry) had not been destroyed, something most locals and visitors probably do wonder about, and that lends instant interest. It is also a tale about people, or humanity and how it can destroy both those lacking humanity and the innocent. There are all sorts of sub-plots involving past and present relationships, the education system, drug-smuggling, violence, poverty and a medical system some may think the present NHS ought still to be modelled upon. In the end it is, nevertheless, a hopeful story, with a feel-good outcome, in that it only takes a bunch of people determined not to be messed about to recognise and stand up for honesty and decency to repel the assaults upon them by those lacking such qualities.”
BD, Seaford

A very good read, which I found difficult to put down.
An interesting step back in time and full of local knowledge and being local myself, thoroughly enjoyed this aspect.”
SP, Seaford

“Well I downloaded this book because Richard is an old Scouting friend of ours and I saw that he had added book writing to his list of talents. I must admit to being sceptical. Boy was I proved wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a mix of romance, history, mystery, crime and social & local history too.

Tide Mills from the south, pre-1875

 Hopefully there will be a sequel because I for one would love to read how the characters progress.”
JC, Saltdean

Great book, well written and easy to read. Also contains a lot of well researched local information about an historic site that now only exists as a ruin.”
RD, Seaford

“The author has succeeded in capturing the atmosphere of the early 1960s, largely from teenagers’ point of view, which resonates with your reviewer as he was there at the time! It is fiction but with enough fact to keep you engrossed, and remind you of a different world (before social media and other current travails).”

“My Dad got this book for Christmas. His parents met the same way as your characters, on the train platform at tide mills. His family lived in Tide Mills. He’s now telling us stories from years ago including how his brother tried to rescue a man who drowned at Sleepers Hole. Thanks for signing it.”
JJ, Seaford

“An engaging story appealing particularly to people from the local area who may have long wondered what life could have been like in that fascinating crumbling ruin we have all visited and wondered about. Richard Harbroe Wright tells a convincing and enjoyable tale.”

The Suspects

FH, Seaford